FREEDOM DiVE is known for its hard difficulty and fast speed, this song is desired by many. The Hard version is one of the hardest songs in the game. It was also the first difficulty 30 to make it into the game.


A "happy hardcore" song with a unique bpm of exactly 222.222. Featured (and widely beloved) in rhythm games such as BMS, CHUNITHM, Cytus, VOEZ, o2jam, osu!, Sound Voltex, Beat Saber, and maimai (tpz Overcute Remix version). Mapped by Random02 (Hard Ver. KonekoKitten).

FREEDOM DiVE was also the hardest song until an update on 6/5/2018, with the new song's hard version, Goodbye, surpassing the song just by 1 difficulty unit.

Crafting Recipe

  • 1 Medium Purple Note
  • 1 Large Orange Note
  • 1 Large Green Note
  • 1 Medium Red Note

Extra Information

  • Notes: 1821 Normal / 2329 Hard
  • The original mapper for FREEDOM DiVE was ArcadeSona. The original Hard and Normal versions were eventually remapped by Random02 and KonekoKittenWasTaken.
  • The Normal difficulty has been calculated to be harder than the Hard version, but some players find it easier than the Hard difficulty.
  • From approximately 1:46 to 1:48 during the hard version of the song, the map presents a pattern that spells out "XI", the name of the song's composer.
  • The hard difficulty is considered one of the hardest songs on robeats
  • Normal difficulty was formerly 24.